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The ultimate aim of the art and science of hypnosis and Hypnotherapy HypnosisThe helps inmates, dissolve obstacles, so the size of your innate freedom can be expressed through you, that allows a living, is the largest and most beautiful, like something you've invented were possible. Hypnosis is an art and a science of the subjective experience of reality which experience has influenced reality objectively. It is summed up in expressions, without, as described above, then. Hypnosis is a science, because the laws of spirit, is also known as the laws of the spirit. These laws are derived subliminal mp3 kostenlos from the principle of unity-the right one. Is the principle of Singularity: the universe is like a spirit in nature that raises awareness and intelligent-living energy, all thoughts in her mind, the cells in your body, plants, animals, weather, money, planets and galaxies. Energy of infinite life, we live in this ocean of intelligent and elsewhere-as we are. Quantum physics speaks of quantum reality as spiritual traditions as a spiritual reality (God, Tao, etc), and you have to keep in mind that permeates the physicist to call reality. Everything is connected-and that is why everything is-your mental health, emotional and physical affect someone else-despite the fact that someone is present or not. Remember? The universe in which we live is the spirit in nature. For the moment, think of something, be an influence of exercise (continuation of the power of thought). The degree of their influence depends on the energy invested in thoughts that you think and all other relevant thoughts. Hypnosis is an art, because there is an infinite number of ways to play and change the subjective reality-your, or someone else. The secret of success is self-hypnosis learning to do you play really well. You choose what you want to try and do now is right for you. The truth is: has played this game your whole life-perhaps subconsciously and unknowingly. No doubt people who had helped Autour-otherwise, influenced, as should think and Act and feel-and then continue your choice and created by experiences that have examined the perception of the world, which were accepted. It is believed that at the time that creates a feedback loop-a thought, then look to see something in the outside world and confirm. This in turn reinforces the original idea, and that the same pattern is repeated, you can consolidate their beliefs, which are selected from reality. Beliefs affect your experience of reality and then automatically. If you don't like what live can initiate, change your mind by selecting what you want to experiment and to be treated and the control of his mind. If it is not controlled by the mind, others do their best for you. We start with your parents, usually their best interests at heart, but who can teach what they have learned. He continued with educational institutions, whose main interest is to become a socially productive person, fidelity to commit and feel, hangs from the outside world, or rather the powers to govern the country. It is of interest to a human being without fear, which is fully aware of and used to transform, mental abilities who knows that thoughts create the reality, because you are not revised and amended. It's a bit inadequate, insecure and helpless they fear interest in keeping a bit of fear-feeling enough, to be socially productive, feels good, but not so good that you stopped to attend to an endless series of buy and treats, which makes you feel a little better, at least for a few moments. In this way, continues to fuel the economy, which is good for the country. Therefore, after which had brainwashed enough presented to school system get portions more television programmes, news and every day. In this way you get your mind a new daily dose of fresh disaster programming in the world, we must not forget that there is a potential danger that lurks around every corner. To get more servings, hitting the advertising. You are very lucky that the subconscious programming, if you know or not. Companies invest billions of dollars each year on advertising, because it is a wonderful way to hypnotize-feelings and thoughts of people is the people, the effects on and it works. When flashing, follow an idea — whether through words, pictures, music, movies, or any other form of-day e-so familiar, people will accept it as their own. You can do the same, otherwise the same-Flash also ideas of things you want to experience in your life and on the possibilities for infinity, you can do so here, only a few are-you choose the thoughts that you think hanging out with people who have done work with claims, with shots of hypnosis, where what you did Wollenwahlen what you read and you're cercandoSelezionare the songs you hear, make your mind holding cards, cash and essentially the procession with all their desired results-will help you to focus, as if it were already part of its life now. You are the only person responsible for his life. Leave behind the past and accept your power to create the life I live now enjoy from. Applications of hypnosis and articles in other languages English to French-Italian-Spanish-French-Spanish-Italian-English ,.